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Make A Statement - Statement Earrings 2019

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Accessories can make or break an outfit. After all, playing the accessory card right can make all the difference between a look that’s boring and one that has that extra special, eye-catching touch. From purses to shoes to jewelry, the accessories you add to an outfit should complement it and create a cohesive look—but that’s not to say they have to be matchy-matchy…

With statement earrings making quite a splash this season (well every season really!!) I figured it would be fun to round up my favorite ones. These pairs style great with sundresses, cocktail dresses, and separates alike and will bring you from Summer to Autumn. So, without further ado, here are 10 pairs of statement earrings that can easily amplify your accessories game…

1. Vicky Earrings € 25.95

2. Jasmine Earrings € 25.95

4. Bee Hoops € 14.95

5. Martha Earrings € 25.95

6. Carrie Pearl Hoops € 14.95

7. Eimear Earrings € 25.95

9. Maeve Earrings € 25.95

10. Sophie Earrings € 25.95



Be sure to check out our gorgeous range of earrings online or click on the links above to bring you direct to them on our website.



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