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The Story of

Far Fetched Accessories

Meath Style Awards

About Me

Hi, my name is Tara and I am the owner of Far Fetched Accessories. I created FFA in 2014 out of my love for unique, bespoke, affordable jewellery. Over the years I've watched my passion project get bigger and bigger with the introduction of a wonderful selection of jewellery, accessories and gifts. 

My Dream

A dream of mine was to design my own collection and over the years since the creation of Far Fetched Accessories I looked at those drawings I had in my sketch pad, always afraid to take the leap. In 2020... in the middle of global crisis, I realised the value of dreams and life and I didn't want to regret anything so I pressed the "go-ahead" button on my designs. With a very understanding production team I launched the Celestial Collection, a unique and affordable collection of jewellery, pieces to be treasured and adored by my customers.  

Be You Bracelet


As a mother of 2 juggling a full time job alongside my business, my mission first and foremost is to enjoy Far Fetched Accessories. I absolutely love curating my collections and ensuring that I bring quality and affordability to my loyal customers. Over the years I've brought my customers along with me on this journey and I know from talking to my customers over the years, that service, the personal touch and quality is what they want when seeking out special gifts for themselves and their loved ones. My mission for Far Fetched Accessories is for it to be the home of affordable, personal and unique jewellery and accessories, the "go to" for the customer who wants something unique. 

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