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STACKERS jewellery box

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Create the perfect jewellery box for your collection. Layer up as your collection gets bigger.

Stackers understand everyone is different, and so are our jewellery collections! Some might be into dainty necklaces; some may have a thing for rings and others might just love anything that sparkles.

How Stackers work

The Lid

Let's start at the top, the lid. If like me you love your earrings then this layer will be great for you. The 5 bigger sections fit a pair of statement earrings perfectly. It also has a ring roll at the front, this is great for rings (obviously) but also for stud earrings, I was constantly loosing mine so that is a great little spot for them. The two long sections at the back I use for my longer earrings & also my chain I wear most days.

The Necklace Layer

The necklace layer HAS SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME! I now don't spend 20 mins untangling necklaces, its literally the dream.

Trinket Layer

The next layer is the trinket layer made up of 25 little section, I seem to collect lots of random bits and bobs, or half start different charm collections but never finish them, so this seems to be where they have ended up. I also have statement rings, hoop earring etc. This is a super versatile piece and the best if you don't want everything getting lost together in a tangled bundle.

The Watch / Accessories Layer

Finally, the watch accessories layer, made up of three deep sections. Perfect for watches, statement necklaces and chunky braclets/bangles.

Personalise Me

Add the personal touch and personalise your Stackers jewellery box with your initials

I hope you find this informative, don't forget to click on the images to bring you straight to the product online



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