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Ease your way into an organised home by starting small by Marie Cummins from My Organised Nest

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hi all! It's Marie here from My Organised Nest.

It's a new year and, if you're like most people, you're already compiling your long list of things to do. At this time of year, we all start to think about getting more organised around the house.

Let's face it, the battle for organisation, it's a constant struggle for most. Clutter and disorganisation will drive you up the wall if you let it.

When I get messages from clients and followers that say “I feel so unorganised and don't know where to start” I tell them to pick one space in their home ( it doesn't have to be a whole room, it can be something as small as one drawer!)

When that is completed they can move on to the next area and the next. It won't happen overnight but if you chip away little by little before you know it you'll start feeling organised.

I think every room has one area that needs major attention but like I just said don't overwhelm yourself at first start small.

The Junk drawer

Like it or not we all have one! Organising a junk drawer is a small project that delivers big results. Creating cubbies for your junk means everything will look tidy even when items wind up out of place. Small baskets/containers will help you keep a customised system.


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