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Curate your own look

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

The layered look is perfect all year round and enables you to create a look unique to you. Layering all your favourites for that curated look. Here's some tips to get it just right.

Start with something delicate and short. You want the pendant sitting centre of the collar bones.

The contrast of delicate of chunky is a real eye catching look. Our gorgeous Astra Star Necklace with chunky chain is perfect for this look. It sits perfecting mid-chest and draws attention to the look.

Whether you want to wear two, three or even four of your favourite necklaces together always remember finish low and bold. Ensure the lowest necklace is a statement piece.

We've paired our newest delicate pieces to the Celestial Collection, the Wild at Heart and Lightning Bolt with our vintage inspired Astra Star.

Have fun this Summer and mix it up with our beautiful new Mini Freshwater Pearl choker necklace. Pair this with any of your favourites from our stunning collection and create a fresh look perfect day and night.


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